UK Based Clarion Programmers List

Does anyone know of or keep a list of UK based Clarion Programmers?

I don’t need one at the moment but my employers would like some reassurance there are people available should something awful happen to me.

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Hi Jim

I don’t know of such a list - but I think its a great idea. Somewhere to send prospects if they are concerned about not having heard of Clarion before.

I’m happy to host it on - but to work well we need quite a few names.

Anybody else interested?


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Might as well keep a list here right? It can be visible to logged in users only if Google search is of concern.

Or if you put it in a Google spreadsheet then you can add a link here which I think will ‘onebox’ it with a live preview.

Another idea is to create a UK programmers badge. Then, anyone with that badge will be auto listed on the group badge pages. Added benefit, they can have profiles and contact info too… All built in!

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I was thinking of it being a marketing option for Clarion programmers as well. In the form of an NT web app which programmers would log on to and update as needed. Then a view only option for anyone to search.

2 birds with one stone - employers can check who’s available in their country/region for reassurance before commissioning a Clarion programmer and programmers can also indicate when they are available for projects.

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This is possible here. Google, Github, Twitter, Facebook and Email login integration helps lower the friction for sign-up.

We could have a “Programmer Bio” category, perhaps as a bu category of the marketplace, dedicated to whoever wants to post their info (other than what they can put in their profile). We already have one to start with… hi @Richard !

You could use Groups, Badges or Tags to indicate features or other highlights like maybe attach a [Nettalk Guru] tag to your bio?

Searching comes built in here with standard or advanced options!

I am not knocking NT or anyone who has the time and motivation to build and host such a thing but there are oodles of hours in dev and testing behind this site already with great support and a growing eco system.

Another idea could be to start the directory here and move it over to a dedicated site once it is ready. No need to wait! :slight_smile:

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It will be a good start… All types of Clarion resources under the same roof. :+1:

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One thing is clear - there are only enough Clarion developers around for one system :slight_smile: I suggest you try it here as you outlined. When its done I’ll tell my email list.

Well, the system here is ready to go.

Any preferences on a special category for this?
I went with Developers but this can be changed!

Have at it I say! As the list builds a structure will naturally form or be agreed upon. I can move topics around if they need to be re-categorized, no problem.

Go! :slight_smile:

You can also send direct invites to your list if you want

The more the merrier :christmas_tree:

marketplace:developers - this seems to be just another forum/newsgroup type topic. Is there any way to give it more structure to make it easier for my prospects to search?

My concern is that if I am trying to sell a database to a company, and I give them a link to a DB of other Clarion developers they will expect to see an impressive database layout. Just like a car mechanic tends to be judged by the state of his own car and how often it breaks down etc.

This will only work if we have a LOT of developers on it - anything less will be counter-productive.

You can, for example, create groups and then view members of that group such as with the AustralianUserGroup

an impressive database layout

Hmm, a bit subjective no? :smiley:

First and foremost this site is a discussion platform (forum/newsgroup/etc). However, it is very powerful beyond that and in fact is 100% driven via an API.

There is basic functionality available straight away to the public. As an example, the Developers category can be retrieved as a JSON payload by adding .json to the end of the URL:

From their you could do lots of interesting things in how you present the data.

If you want to get even more interactive there is the ability to provide API keys with differing levels of access to further drill into the sites API.

The Developers category can be strictly moderated to maintain a particular style for topics/posts if that would be useful. Another possibility would be to break it into sub categories?

Have a look at the community category layout. I just switched it over to “boxed” view.

This will only work if we have a LOT of developers on it

Indeed! :slight_smile:

But aren’t we all database developers here? Or have I completely misunderstood where I am (again) :laughing:

I don’t mean to be picky Brahn because this is a good forum/discussion site. But my original intention was that the Clarion developers database would also serve as a “showcase” to sales prospects of what Clarion can do. Let me think about this a bit.

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Ha, no problem at all of course!

I just know how hard it can be to get traction on something like that even after it is built. We are gaining momentum here, approaching 500 registered members which is awesome!, and that has taken about 4 years.

Many thanks for all the interest.

If we wanted a single list of all Clarion developers willing to take on work on this hub or elsewhere, if we also list the country, possible state/county within that country, where the person or organisation is based, it could be really useful for project managers.

People like me, who work exclusively in Clarion but for a single employer, might register but not as ‘available to take on work’ or not be included at all.

As always though the problem would be keeping the register up to date. People’s circumstances can change very quickly. That can be quite a task for a volunteer.


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I think the best thing you can do is lead by example and see what happens. Also create topics like “Hey you lot, come over here and make a bio like I just did!” :slight_smile:
Post to twitter, invite new users, all that usual stuff needed to get the ball rolling.
The category is there now, it just needs a kick start.

We’re based in the UK (Nottingham) and I know of a few UK Clarion developers - some are on our customer list.

I’m happy to ask them if they mind their details being added to the list / point them in the direction of the list?




I was thinking of a SQL (PostGreSQL) database with app written in Clarion using NetTalk Webserver. Companies requiring Clarion skills can browse without logging in. Developers can login with password and edit their own details, a few hand-picked trusted Clarioneers can be Admins. I can create and maintain it, with some help. Who will host it?


Mikem above mentions he might be able to host it.

I can do very little myself because (working in the UK public sector) procurement of goods and services rules make it impossible. I could use it to locate a programmer though.

We had a user group in the UK years ago but I think Clarion development has declined here since, so those available for work are always in short supply. It is a pity Clarion is not more widely used in the UK. Nothing matches it for shortening development time.


I was thinking along the same lines - each developer has a login and its up to them to keep details up to date. Things like this don’t work long term if they depend on volunteers, in my experience.

Its a very well kept secret - not just in the UK. I notice the UK distributor doesn’t mention it anywhere on their site or in their nav - when I asked why I got a reply I think you can imagine :slight_smile:

The list would be very helpful now as I currently know of a company who needs a clarion programmer urgently. They must be based in the UK and willing to travel to them in London occasionally. So if you know anyone then please let me know via email [email protected]