Unable to create sub-folders from CW6 or CW10 on Win 10

Since the update to Win 10 (early May) my CW6 applications will not create sub folders or create files where the subfolder does not exist.

I tried a small Clarion 10 program but it shows the same problem.

I have tried every security setting I can find but no luck in resolving the issue - has anyone else seen this (or have a solution)?

I would recommend you upload your test code for a quicker resolution.

The test is very simple - I created a ne application with a single file that had a specific file name and used the app wizard to create/run the it - it fails when trying to browse the file with error of path not found. The site will not let me upload the solution

Provide a share link from your cloud account where the test program is stored. (I did the same in the past and provided my dropbox link).

please check this What kinds of files can I upload here?

This is the code I use, using C6 and it works here. It should work for you as well. Modify to taste and your systems. I am using the Clarion native FileExists and CreateDirectory command found in CWUTIL.:

    MESSAGE('Error Creating Directory using PCreateDirectory() in PUNC.clw: ' & PUNCDIR & '  Error: ' & ERROR() & '  ErrNo: ' & ERRNO(), 'Error Creating Directory', ICON:EXCLAMATION)

This is very similar to what I am already using, except I use VuFileUtility to create directories. This works fine on Win 7 but on Win 10, will not create the folders

It looks like SV is aware of this. The CREATEDIRECTORY help has the following:

On some Windows versions, any attempt to create multiple levels of directories

(For example. ‘C:\dir1\dir2\dir3’) will fail, but the error code will not be returned correctly. CREATEDIRECTORY will still post a non-zero value, which you can use to trap and post a generic “Directory Not Created” error.

It looks as if Microsoft are aware of the problem - I have seen some of the “new” security settings in the next release of Win 10 and there is a new setting to switch of the security that is blocking folders being created in apps