"Uncle Bob" Presentation on "Clean Code."

Great video. Although the demonstrated code is Java, the principles apply to Clarion as well.


Thanks Don, enjoyed it! A big part of it is motivational, to encourage you that after you write “Working Code” to take the time to go back and make it “Clean Code”. I took a few notes and quotes I’ll post soon …

Takes a while to get to the topic of writing “Clean Code” so suggest best to open the link in YouTube which has the below links to jump to. I would skip to 32:13 “What is a Clean Code”, or for a bit on project team management 24:28 “Why are Programmers so slow?”, answer “because programmers that go fast make a mess (not clean code) so are slow in the long run”.

0:00      Event Presentation
2:03      Presenter Introduces Uncle Bob
3:41      Uncle Bob Introduction / My Tribe
4:49      How Far is the Sun 
10:52     Introduction to Clean Code
12:21     The current Society works with Software
19:47     Volkswagen case / Introduction to the Ethics of Software Development
24:28     Why are Programmers so slow 
32:13     What is a Clean Code 
40:09     Analyzing some lines of code
43:43     Long code is not Good Code
49:25     Good Code / Refactored Function
52:40     Polite Code / Rules for writing a news paper article
55:25     Shrunk Code / The Rules of Functions
1:00:23   Shrunk Code / Drawing a Function
1:05:36   When and why was Java invented 
1:08:52   Prose Code / Arguments
1:16:13   Avoid Switch Statements / Problems and Evolution of some programming languages
1:26:15   The Uncle Bob's wife message (funny moment)
1:27:22   Output Arguments No Side Effects / Garbage Collection
1:32:21   No Side Effects / Using Lambda
1:34:26   No Side Effects / Command and Query Separation
1:35:30   No Side Effects / Prefer Exceptions to returning error codes
1:37:05   DRI Principle (Don't Repeat Yourself)
1:39:21   Structured Programming / Edsger Dijkstra Vision vs Actual Vision of the programming
1:45:32   Science and Correct Software
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