Unicode in C11?

Hello All
just saw this one:
Clarion 11 - new Unicode implementation
I don’t have this “Encoding” settings in my C11.1.13855 version.
Do you see them?

The new implementation of the compiler and the RTL with the new internationalization support, the native support of 64-bit integers and Unicode string types, etc. was assumed to be in C11. But plans were changed later and C11 was released with support of AnyScreen.

Here’s a good article about Unicode:

(not an answer to this question but didn’t want to start a new thread).

All new API’s Microsoft added since Windows Vista are Unicode only i.e. there is no “A” wrapper functions that take ANSI strings.

Adding Unicode to Clarion will make it easy write the code to call these. An example is the new Task Dialog that is the replacement for the Message Box.

So even if you write software only for English only Unicode strings are needed. It also seems fun to have access to the enormous character sets of symbols, emojis and glyphs that can be used like icons.

Clarion MESSAGE invokes the DialogBoxIndirectParam function and passes the DLGTEMPLATE structure built from function’s parameters to this call. This structure requires Unicode strings.

Really, there is no problem with Unicode in MESSAGE. The problem is to have this functions usable - unlikely someone wants to use, say, 20 parameters or prepare some complex structures if in 99% cases 1-2 parameters are enough. MESSAGE is quite balanced from this point of view,

In any case, Clarion not denies to use API calls from programs.

I agree. The API MessageBoxW() is perfect for trying Unicode strings.

The TaskDialogIndirect() has all the cool features. The TD “Message” can have a Checkbox, Radios, Command Buttons, Hyperlinks, Expandable Text, more … Those require the 24 field TaskDialogConfig structure and array of TaskDialog_Button with many Unicode wide strings.

The Task Dialog seems unusual for a Microsoft API that it seems to have everything anyone could think of, like it’s from CapeSoft. I created the below LibMaker to show some Task Dialog examples for CIDC.