Unicode in Clarion

Hello all,

I am new to ClarionHub but I have been using Clarion for over 25 years since when Clarion is still in DOS. Just want to know if Unicode is about to launch or any time table for that?


I think that’s what everybody wants to know.

Yes, it’s about to launch
No there is no timetable.

At least a brief idea about the time? months, years or so?

Wait, wait …

So that blog post is an announcement about development. It’s not useful in determining when it’ll be released. (less so given the age of the article.)

At least a brief idea about the time? months, years or so?

Feel free to dream up your own idea about the time. It’ll be as accurate as anyone else’s. SV have been tight-lipped on the subject so there is no data for making a conclusion.

My personal opinion is “not before CIDC” but perhaps “before the end of the year”. But I have no data to go on here, this is just wild speculation.

Next Tuersday I believe.

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I wouldn’t hold my breath if i were you.

There will be gold releases > patches > production ready. My guess is, it would take years before it would be get production ready status. Recalling some previous post, it may not have TPS support (I could be wrong)

I think you are wrong about TPS support Matthew. All indications are that the Topspeed driver will support the new USTRING data type. I think perhaps you are referring to a slide from CIDC 2017 which was wildly misinterpreted, and was clarified at the conference itself.

This is a good write up about Unicode The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Must Know About Unicode in 2023 (Still No Excuses!) @ tonsky.me

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It has been added in 11.1

FEATURE: Added support for UNICODE strings on the backend to ODBC, SQLAnywhere, PSQL, and MSSQL drivers. ’ using PROP:NAME’ UnicodeFile{PROP:Name, 2} = ‘strFld | UNICODE’ and ’ using Driver String’ driverString = driverString & ‘/UNICODE=TRUE’

Does anybody have an idea does it works? Especially with mssql driver

And what does it mean at all??