Unique Record Number

I have an app that records members. I need to know how I can import members that has unique automated numbers and still add new members that will continue the unique numbering.

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The way that clarion auto-numbering works is that it takes the maximum value int he file and adds one, so if
a) you are happy with clarion’s autonumbering method (which IMO is fine for ISAM but shouldn’t be used in SQL) and
b) you are importing a starter data set once, and then using the program from there,

then that should work for you (just turn off clarion autonumbering during the initial import so you can keep the existing IDs) – set the HasAutoInc property of the FileManager to 0.

If you have a SQL system that will give you sequential IDs (most of them will), then you just need to set your sequence generator to start at a number beyond the IDs that you have imported. Syntax for that will vary by the system you are using. In Oracle, for example, you use START WITH.

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