Unknown Identifier?

I am now getting these error messages in an EMBED after having added a little over 10 additional fields to the Sessions file. The fields are defined just like all the other fields (no differences). the statement they are in is: UNHIDE(?SES:Session6AM). As you can see in the picture below, the fields are in the Dictionary. Fields were added to the EMBED by doubling clicking on the field as shown in the DATA/TABLES box in the lower left of the CW window. I have even deleted and reentered the statements causing the errors.

I cant figure this out.

Any ideas?

Here’s the odd thing … if I comment out the lines with the newly added SES: fields (SES:Session6AM - 0830AM and 5pm - 0730PM). It all works. The very same controls that sit in the window that this embed controls are just fine … no generated errors.

Post your window structure definition.
Are those equates in it?

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Is this a multi dll solution? If so, have you recompiled the central data.app?

Probably a silly question, but best to check…



My first thought is that those new fields are not populated on the window. Or… you did put them, deleted them and then put them again on the window. When you do that the FEQ is not ?SES:Session6AM but something like SES:Session6AM:2,,?SES:Session6AM. That might be the cause.

Like Jane says post your Window structure.



you nailed it. I deleted those fields with the :2 adder and reinserted them on the form and all is well.


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