Unresolved external in multi dll app

Hi all!

I am trying to Update my List and Label from version 18 to version 29.
I am using the modified Solace template btw.
Ita an multi dll solition, and the data dll compiles trouble free
But when i try to compile one of the other .dll, trouble comes.
I get 839 unresolved externals in my dll.

I have included the CMLL29.clw with

The CLW has this (+ 800 lines app.)


Its so, that it is included in the data dll
How do I see, that it has happened?

For first time ever, i tried to open the epdata.lib with libmaker. There was nothing there on the different prototypes.

The only difference i can see from the CMLL10.CLW and the CMLL29.clw is the “MODULE(‘CMLL29’)”, which is not in the CMLL18.clw

Any hints?

Best regards

Edvard Korsbæk

Presumably, those prototypes are based on the procedures exported from List and Label’s DLL.

You’d need to reconcile the differences by looking at the List and Label documentation for the exported funcs.

But if there are 800+ unresolved externals, it sounds like a .lib might need to be added to the project.

But before that, I would make certain that the prototypes and usages of the LL procedures are correct.