Unusual Type Conversion compile warning (using Window{PROP:Pixels}=1)

Hi Folks,

Clarion 10 (11975).

In the PROP:Pixels section of the help file, it says to change the pixels setting of the window by:


But this throws up the “Unusual Type Conversion” compiler warning.

Have done a brief search of the newsgroups while typing this message, just to be sure, but couldn’t find anything related to this (although I’m sure I’ve seen it answered somewhere, maybe on the skype groups).

And I’m pretty sure Bruce has given me an answer once when he was over here in Aus-land, but can’t for the life of me remember.

Any ideas how to get around this?

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Hi Stu,

Try …

0{Prop:Pixels} = 1

Hi Stu,

I use this all over the place and have not had any problems. Make sure that your windows label is “Window” I normally just use 0 as in

0{PROP:Pixels} = TRUE

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Thank you folks! Will give that a try.

I suspect your code reads;
Which would be wrong, and would cause this warning. ThisWindow is a Window Manager Object, not a Window structure.


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Thanks Bruce.

How would you suggest turning on and off the pixels?


I use
Window{prop:pixels} = true
all the time.

But if you use ThisWindow instead of Window you get the error you described.


Rightio, cheers and thanks. Good info.

Is there any real motivation for, or profit in, using the label rather than a zero?

Yes, if you’re worried about running the code prior to opening the window (which means it will apply the property syntax to the window you just came from) Then using the label will help you find the problem (as it will GPF)

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