Update C11PE not received

I never received an update link fro C11.1PE.
I conatcted Softvelocity to no avail.
They probably never check their mailbox.

What is the most recent release email you’ve received from SoftVelocity ?

Tip: Look at your most recent release email from SoftVelocity
then alter the download URL
from the old build number to the new one

As to not getting a response to your email to SV
Can you please copy/paste the email address you sent to,
so that we might help you catch any typo’s

Hi Mark,
Thanks for your reaction.
Looking for the latest mail revceived from SV, resulted in finding it in the spam-box.
The link in the mail has expired though. So for now, no C11.1 build 13744 for me.

The email address I inquired was

The most recent build I’ve received is 11.1 13768 use that info to alter your now expired download link

Thanks Mark. I am up to date now.

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