Updated my CSVParserClass

I made a few improvements to my CSV Parser Class.
It now auto-detects column separators & line endings (at least the non-exotic ones)
Added a reload button to the demo app (which isn’t as important, now that autodetect is there)
Sped up the GetCellLen() method a little bit by taking out one step.
Added a BufferStatus property to keep the VLB from trying to do its job at the wrong time.
I’m sure I’ll see something that needs fixing after posting this message.


Halfway thinking about killing that repo and starting over. It got all botched up when I was trying to keep the various flavors of CSV intact.

Pushed some new changes. Added a derived class (and demo) that uses StringTheory to load the CSV.
Moved all of the private methods out of the INC, and re-arranged public stuff to top as suggested to me by a developer.

Updated with a bug fix, as pointed out by Geoff Robinson. Thanks Geoff.

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Updated today for a quick fix for a GPF. GitHub - jslarve/CSVParseClass: A Clarion class for parsing delimiter separated files