Updating Clarion Version

I’m interested in understanding how others upgrade their versions of clarion? Do you always install new versions into a new folder or into your “C:\clarion11” folder?

I’ve always just installed into the same folder to update, mainly did this so that I didn’t have to reset all my settings and reinstall third party products etc.

Is there a way to install new versions into their own folders, but then copy settings and third party things?

What do others do?

I always install over the previous Clarion version. At times, I have had to rely on uninstall, but it has proven to be reliable. I have many ABC class and template “customizations”, but these generally are not affected by a new version. If it is known or appears there are changes in the shipping classes or templates, I rely upon Beyond Compare to help get it sorted. It would be very helpful, of course, if SV gave users an install option for classes & templates when changes have been made. However, I certainly won’t hold my breath for that user friendliness to happen.

I install over my current X:\Clarion11 but I keep a backup. I also install a “Clean” version with no changes so I have just what SV shipped for every release.

E.g. if X:\Clarion11 in my 11.0.13401 and I am installing 13505

  1. Copy X:\Clarion11 to X:\Clarion11.13401_Carl to save my 13401
  2. Delete the BACKUP folder in X:\Clarion11 or it just grows.
  3. Rename X:\Clarion11 to X:\Clarion11_HIDE_Carl so I can install Clean
  4. MkDir X:\Clarion11 an empty folder for clean
  5. Install 13505 to X:\Clarion11
  6. Rename X:\Clarion11 as X:\Clarion11.13505_Clean
  7. Rename X:\Clarion11_HIDE_Carl back to X:\Clarion11 so I have my custom version
  8. Install 13505 to X:\Clarion11 so my Custom version is updated
  9. Run Clarion and register the tremplates

Now I can compare files the new 13505_Clean to my previously saved in 13401_Clean to see only what SV changed
Then I compare X:\Clarion11 to my X:\Clarion11.13401_Carl version to see how my install changed
I modify the shipping Templates and LibSrc

I can reverse back to prior versions by renaming folders.

I think on ClarionMag Dave Harms has an article on how he deals with new releases.


I never install into an old version’s folder.
If I’m installing an update to the current version, I rename the folder to \Clarion11.1.12345 then install to \Clarion11.1. Then I usually use Beyond Compare to copy over the Accessories stuff, unless the accessories need to be recompiled by the vendor.

I also always create a copy of my current Clarion version (\Clarion11_ok) and then install the new version over it ( \Clarion11).

After that the tiresome search for changes in \templates \LibSrc and \images, which is not helped by the fact that SV updates all templates with a new date, even if there are no changes.

In any case, all changes to standard templates (which are unfortunately necessary) must be documented in detail.

Most Diff tools allow a Folder compare to compare file Contents and not simply Dates or File Sizes. I use the free WinMerge Diff tool:


Hi Carl,

I of course tried WinMerge right away - what a fantastic tool!
Thank you so much for this tip.


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