Upgrade Clarion 10 to 11/12

  1. Is the upgrade from Clarion 10 to Clarion 11/12 worth considering?

I guess that depends on what you feel like you’re missing. There are some IDE improvements that I appreciate, such as the Open File from Redir auto-complete. There are also wider template dialogs. Not sure whether any 3rd party vendors have taken advantage of that.

And you can test AnyScreen

None of the unicode stuff mentioned in the help is active. If you’re looking for that, I’d wait for C12 to appear, and listen to what people say about it.

One more question: If I sell an application using AnyScreen, Do I need to buy an AnyScreen license for every server where I install the application?

AFAIK, there are no limitations to where you install Anyscreen apps with your Anyscreen subscription.

Thanks a lot. I appreciate your help

I spend a fair amount of time filling in template dialogs. (ie Browse, Form properties etc).
The wider screens, to me, are worth the entry price alone. I have to build examples in C8 and the narrow template screens drive home to me how much worse they are.

3rd parties don’t typically need to “make use” of the wider screen. All the input fields are automatically bigger. It turns out that when looking at, you know, code, being able to see more is actually more…

no. If you have an active AnyScreen subscription then you can install on as many servers as you like.

By “make use of”, I was referring to the flattening out of the number of tabs and sub dialogs where applicable. But being able to see more without changing anything is cool too.

yeah, I don’t know of anyone specifically designing screens for “being wide” - since this would basically make them incompatible with C10 and earlier.
But I’m certainly happy to have more tabs, since you can see more tabs along the top row…

Additionally, there was a bug fixed in C11 in the ODBC driver related to leaving transactions open on the SQL server in a highly threaded environment (like a web server).