Upper Park version control selective export

The Upper Park version control addin for the Clarion IDE added support for selectively exporting procedures/modules from the current open APP, as of version 1.14.

This feature adds a new menu item to the Upper Park VC menu.

When you select the selective save menu item, you are presented with a list of procedures in the current APP.

You can type the procedure name directly in the procedure list to invoke an incremental locator or use the search field at the top which uses “contains” logic to find matching procedures.

Since the source control export is actually module based, picking a procedure will actually export the entire module.


Excellent Rick :slight_smile:

Where do we download the new version from?



You can download the latest:

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Where I can read more info about this add-on, please? Checked your site but found nothing…


Rick has done several version control webinars on clarionLive, Guennadi.

Use this link and put MARTIN in the search box: https://www.clarionlive.com/BrowseEpisodes/ww
Or this is one webinar: webinar 375

If you have the recordings from CIDC 2019, Rick also did a webinar there.


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I honestly don’t have a lot of marketing info for the product. Most sales are word of mouth. I should do a better job.
Besides the webinar that Jane pointed out, you can also see my presentation during CIDC on youtube.
From 2019: CIDC 2019: Upper Park Solutions: Source Control - YouTube
From 2017: Upper Park Solutions 3rd Party Presentation - Rick Martin - YouTube
The 2019 presentation is a general overview. The 2017 presentation is a bit more focused on branching and merging.

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Thanks all, will check it out