Use TPSFix Utility via Command Line?

Is it possible to use the TPSFix utility via the Command Line instead of using its GUI for fixing TPS files? Right now, I’m creating a data conversion utility for a client and unfortunately, some of their old TPS files were corrupted. Instead of going with the trouble of fixing each corrupted file via TPSFix GUI, I want to fix the said files through the RUN() procedure. This way, the repair process for each corrupted files will be automated by my utility.

Thanks in advance.

Looks like I’ve found out the command line arguments for the TPSFix utility by passing the /? argument into TPSFix.exe.


Hello, did you manage to recover the corrupted ones?
I have 2 corrupted one from 1G and another from 800M, but I can’t recover through TpsFix.exe…