User Guide for "Discourse" this Forum Software

This forum uses software named Discourse that has many features that are easy to miss. There was a New User tutorial in the original email that is worth doing. You can ask for that by sending a Message (not a post) to @discobot with “start tutorial”

There is a nice User Guide made by the devlopers:

If you search for “Discourse User Guide” you will find some nice ones made by other sites like these:

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Users marking posts as Inappropriate causes them to be hidden without Moderator action

Marking a post as Off-Topic, Inappropriate or Spam will trigger a moderator notification so moderators may review the issue in their flag queue. Furthermore, this also “casts a flag” on the post, which has other consequences:

  • A post with 3 flags will be automatically hidden. Users may click-to-view the post.

  • When a post is automatically hidden due to flags, the user receives a PM informing them their post was flagged. After 10 minutes, the user may edit their post and it will be unhidden.

  • If another 3 flags occur, the post will be hidden again and editing will not unhide the post.