Using a Many-to-Many Relationship

This is surely a Novice question. I am surprised at how little information I can find on this.
I have two tables each with a one-to-many relationship with a “Join” table to achieve a Many-to-Many relationship. I have a window with two browses, one for each file (so far so good.) But I want the second browse to show ONLY the items that are related to a single chosen item in the first file.
How is this usually achieved? Thanks for any help at all.

The second browse is on the join table, with an aporopriate filter.

Then the second browse joins to the second table from there.

In other words the second browse is on the join table, not the second table.

Thanks; I’ll try that. I appreciate the assistance.

Just to add to what Bruce said:

you will want to range limit your second browse on the relationship between the join:FirstTableKey and firstTable:ID, and you may also need to set FirstTable:ID as a reset field on the second browse so that it keeps in synch with where you move on the first browse.