Using a Queue like a Browse

is it possible to put a Browse template on a Local Queue?
The items are read from a CSV
some entries need to be edited / discarded before processing
so I need to be able to edit / delete entries

Not really. You could use the BASIC driver and load the csv into a browse, but the BASIC driver doesn’t work well for that because it doesn’t support some of the stuff that browses need.

If you really want to use a browse template, it might be possible to use the memory driver if you don’t have too many records to load into memory. But it should work fine for several thousand records.

In my opinion, it’s probably simplest to just load a queue and handcode the listbox functionality. Then write out the queue to a CSV when you are done.

look at In-Memory driver

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Another approach is: CSV->TPS->Standard browse/form

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Hi, i think that’s possible, at least when i understand what you want, to display a queue like you display a browse on a screen.
First you define the LOC:Queue with all it’s fields.
Second on the screen you define a listbox, at the General options, in the From field you can select the LOC:Queue.
In the List box formatter, you can select all the fields from the queue you want to display.
Only thing you have to do yourself is fill in the queue fields from your csv file (simply fill in the fields and ADD them to the LOC:Queue).
In the process of filling in the queue you can edit or discard the fields the way you want it.

I use that in my programa too, it works great.
Hope this helps.