Using AnyScreen in the Real World?

I would be interested to hear from anyone who is actually using AnyScreen now in a daily mission critical situation.

Recognizing that several bugs still exist, I have worked around many and will hopefully be able to release a critical app if ONLY SV can get AnyScreen to work properly with combo controls.

Wow! An overwhelming response. Maybe the question should be -
Has anyone other than myself actually purchased the AnyScreen product?

Looking in the anyscreen news group the answer is Yes to both questions :slight_smile:
I assume the news group people haven’t seen this yet

Hi Douglas,

Alas your question should be
“has anyone here actually purchased the AnyScreen product”

For better, or worse, the bulk of the AnyScreen community is in the AnyScreen newsgroup. So for best support I recommend asking your question there.

As much as I like ClarionHub, it is unfortunately the quietest Clarion community that I am a part of, so it’s not as useful a forum as some of the other communities. Which is a pity, because I like the web format.

Hello Bruce,

I know I’ve said this to you before, but in addition to ClarionHub being wonderfully helpful, it is the only web forum I have. I am permanently banned me from SV forums because I responded long ago to another forum post by recognizing that SV had lost customers due to .Net non-delivery.

The Clarion community support here and elsewhere enabled my decision to continue with the products over the years. I have filed many a PTSS for AnyScreen. The confirmed combo bug prevents me from using a very small AnyScreen app in production. As you know, PTSS feedback from SV, on average, is only marginally better than silence. My experience here, outside of SV managed resources, is usually quite reliable. Unfortunately, I agree, it may not be instant.

Just tested with AnyScreen HTML Open Students -> Change Student, Open Teachers-> Change Teacher, same for all tables. After ~20-30 open/close pairs the program stops responding.

Thank you, Mike. This points out some testing I will need to do prior to deployment that I might otherwise have missed. Hopefully, my intended wizard entry use avoids the problem.

Actually I can’t reproduce this behavior anymore, the app works well now. Don’t know what it was.

Makes 2 of us.
The difference is I still don’t know why I was banned.
But hey I paid $1600.00 for the dead .NET product.
In my opinion I don’t think we will ever get the product or a refund of the money we gave SV or given the option to use it towards the Core Subscription Program (CSP) for Clarion EE.

You might try contacting Marco directly with Anyscreen questions?

Did you try 200-300 times? :slight_smile:

After 199th I lost count ;^)

lastest build in clarion 11 we found our any screen example just failed to run… we arnt sure why. new groups? how on earth do you access them with a browser? who wants to access a new group using anything but a browser… prehaps they should have moved the new group to cape softs net talk!

Your preference for the software to use to get community assistance is a second-order problem. In other words, if you want help you go to where the help is, you don’t force the helpers to come to you.

Personally I get value from the assistance on the newsgroups, so I’m running Thunderbird to read them. My preference to use a browser is subservient to my desire to get the help I need.

Equally when using a platform hosted by a provider, I am respectful to that provider. Re-litigating issues from over a decade ago is neither helpful, not productive. My guess is that people who are prepared to participate in a respectful way - and show that respect when applying for re-access - will be re-admitted.

But I am a pragmatist. I’m not for, or against, any specific communication protocol - I only want the answers to my questions. So I go wherever the best community is to solve those problems.


I can go along with the newsgroup software being a second-order problem. I also have no interest in re-litigating a decade old issue.

However, the need to move on also applies to SV and in my situation they certainly have not. I was ASKED to participate in the AnyScreen Beta group. In responding that I would be happy to do so, I had to ask for my newsgroup ban to be removed in order to access the discussion. Instead of doing so, the beta group offer was rescinded.

I also believe your thoughts regarding respectful participation and applying for re-access are completely off the mark. For me, and for others banned by SV with whom I have spoken, there was never an explanation or any communication regarding the SV decision. I only know my access was cut one day after stating that SV lost customers due to non-delivery of .Net. Recognizing this may still be hurtful to SV, I think most folks would consider it how it was intended, a simple statement of fact.

In regard to starting this discussion about AnyScreen in the Real World, I certainly had no intention to divert into SV newsgroup history or policies. While I readily concede the newsgroups are, as you suggested, likely more active, I instead will commend the folks behind ClarionHub and ClarionLive for all of the help & information I have received and have relied upon over the years.

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if cape soft software platform powers there own forums and their users are happy with that would not that be a good place for a clarion forum prehaps run by capesoft. they seem to be rather good at what they do.

DISC: we only have an older version i think version 7.

Hi Steve,

At the moment, no, CapeSoft Software (ie NetTalk) does not power the forums we use. the only active forum we use is which is not nettalk powered, and is not even our site.

We did have our own forums for a while, but they did not gain community traction (mostly because users are in the habit of either emailing, newsgrouping, or asking on skype.) We have since removed those forums and simply hang out wherever the community is.

Personally, I don’t think we need more web forum locations - ClarionHub works fine for the small number of folk that seem to be “web only”. I would encourage folk to use it.

But again, this is a second-order problem. The secret in any working community is to be in the place where the community is. The value of the community is in their activity, not in the protocol they use.


I see, well many thanks to capesoft for its continuing support of the clarion community.