Using Arrays in AppGen

Hey guys. Haven’t used Clarion in quite some time so I hope this isn’t a stupid question. Could someone point me in the write direction on how to reference arrays in AppGen. This was straight forward in the DOS days (yes it has been a very long time since using Clarion). I don’t see where I can specify which dimension to use of the array when I use it in the Form Painter I get a dimension not declared error from the compiler.


Hi Rick,

When you populate a control for an array on the window designer it doesn’t prompt you for the array dimension at that time, unfortunately.
If you open the properties pad you will see that the Use is just the variable itself. Click on the ellipse button and re-select the variable. Then the system will prompt you for the dimension.

Initial look after populating the control on the form. Use the ellipse button highlighted in red to reselect the field.

The dimension dialog you see after picking the variable:

After picking the dimensions the property pad looks like this:

Of course, you could just type in the [3] in the Use field in the property pad.