Using python code in clarion


I wonder is there is a way to use python code inside the clarion application (of course other than RUN command)

Thank you
note: I am using clarion 6.3

Possibly. For example if you google “Create DLL from python package” you will find an answer like this:
*The standard Python “freeze” tool will create a C-language file which consists of the Python . pyc files, and this file can be compiled to a DLL which can be shipped with your application.

If you get that to work, then you just have to worry about prototyping whatever you want to call from Clarion. But you will also find that compiling to a DLL in Python, which is at its heart an interpreted language, is not that straightforward. Probably works in the case of simple code that doesn’t call other python libraries, but if you do, then making a DLL may not work out for you.

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Thank you for your reply.