Using sqlrowset on dynamic file driver

Has anyone managed to make it running?
I have this code, tried but doesn’t build the structure when prop:sqlrowset is used, but no errorcode or fileerrorcode

   MyDynamicFile &= NEW(FILE)
   MyDynamicFile{PROP:Driver} = 'ODBC'
   MyDynamicFile{PROP:DriverString} = '\TURBOSQL=TRUE'
   MyDynamicFile{PROP:Owner} = GLO:SQLConnectString
   IF SUB(CLIP(LEFT(p_SQLQuery)),1,4) = 'WITH'
      MyDynamicFile{PROP:SQLRowSet} = p_SQLQuery
      MyDynamicFile{PROP:SQL} = p_SQLQuery
   !map columns
   DO DeepAssignColumns

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That’s true. I changed {prop:SQL} to {prop:SQLRowSet} in DynFile.CreateFromSQL PROCEDURE (DynFile.clw) and FillVirtualListBox.sln example still works fine with predefined SQL SELECT queries against Northwind sample database.

Unfortunately, following CTE and stored procedure queries fail with errorcode 80 “Unsupported File Diver Function” using either {prop:SQL} or {prop:SQLRowSet} with Dynamic File Driver

WITH q (Records) AS (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Products) SELECT * FROM q
exec dbo.CustOrderHist 'VINET'
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