Using TURBOSQL driver string for IP Driver and Data Server

Hi, everyone!

Tell me please, who is familiar with the subject SQL Server + Clarion IP Driver and Data Server how to work with TURBOSQL driver string?

Whether there are examples “SQL Query for SQL Server Database + Clarion IP Driver and Data Server”?

The example on the basis of IP Drivers Examples Client People is desirable

I have access to the SQL server is through Clarion IP Driver, but it is impossible to receive result a request on TurboSQLTable {PROP:SQL} = 'SELECT * FROM People '.

Need working Clarion code for creation of IP_people.dll and people.exe for receiving reply to the request of TurboSQLTable {PROP:SQL} = 'SELECT * FROM People ’ through Clarion IP Driver Data Server

will give you some ideas.

Basic idea is to issues the prop:sql then immediately do an error check (that will catch errors in the prop:sql statement itself)
Assuming no errors then you can do a loop and next on the file to retrieve the result set a row at a time.

NB It’s not actually necessary to have the columns in the ‘dummy’ turbosql table exactly match the datatypes you want to retrieve.
You can just use CSTRINGs with a length equal to the largest expected result.
So for example my dummy turbosql table has twenty CSTRING(261) in it.

Clarion will auto convert the datatypes for you when you assign from the dummy table to the destination variable or function.


Graham I thank for an quick response!

But a problem in operation through Clarion IP Driver Data Server.

If i have direct access to MSSQL the server, then does not have problems.

Need the example in the Clarion code with MSSQL server on the basis of an example of People from delivery of Clarion IP Driver Data Server