UX Design ideas made with Clarion

Hello Guys,

I am just wondering for a UX desktop app designed and created with clarion, I know it’s possible but I just want to see such thing. If it’s okay to ask here for at least some images of it to get some ideas.

Thank you.

Hi Christian,

I’m not sure I understand your question. Are you asking for some screenshots of Clarion programs? You’re looking for ideas on what to make your program look like?

It would probably help a bit if you give us some idea of what sort of program you are wanting to make? Business app? Game? Multi-User? lots of tables?

And what are you looking for? Good icons? the best font to use? Grey or White backgrounds?


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I also don’t understand what you mean by UX desktop?

There was this SV Repo for special UX that was shown at a CIDC. I don’t know where the APPs are.

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I’m guessing the question is about U(ser) (e)X(perience) design practices.

Although you may actually mean UI ie how to design an accessible user interface in Clarion.

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Thank you for this, I will check out this stuff. This is a big help.

Yes, to get some ideas when it comes to designing. Because I started clarion with almost zero knowledge when it comes to programming, but I am already debugging existing apps built with clarion for almost 3 years. What I learned most on clarion are the data analyzation(mostly backend processes) that’s why I am trying to jump on designing an application (almost user experience based).

Yes Sir, I am asking for some screenshots to get some designing ideas. I am looking for business apps like inventory management application. I am looking for at least a lightweight modern look of an application, which are common nowadays. I prefer White or Dark mode theme of an app, which are built originally with clarion. Thank you in advanced.

Here’s one https://www.veculim.com/Screenshots.htm

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Thank you very much on this link, Sir @Bruce


Here are a couple of screenshots of a typical Clarion app that we create. Its Clarion at its heart, but we make extensive use of the Codejock UI controls to create a more modern and functional UI.

Hope they help :slight_smile:



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Hi Christian,
I created a little 12-page tour guide of my application, https://issuu.com/softwaretailor/docs/marge_2021_tour_guide.
Click the fullscreen button in the lower right to view it better.
My intention wasn’t to show its Clarion design to other developers, but to give a peek to new users of my program, although I did include a few nice screen images. Perhaps they may be helpful to you.
In particular, all my browse procedures have a set of tabs on the right side. So the images on pages 5 and 6 are on the same window. I’ve found this very helpful in eliminating unnecessary navigation and showing child related tables.
Like Bruce asks though, a Clarion app can look very different for different applications. You want to make the data entry part easy-to-use and efficient, and the reporting and analysis part intuitive and informative.

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Thanks for the help and idea guys, this will also serve as a help to the clarion community regarding application designs.