Version Control in Clarion?


Hi, i’m looking to get started on a legacy Clarion project and, coming from a Web Development background, was looking into how to manage my code changes. I wanted to use Git but i’ve been told it doesnt work as all Clarion code is compiled into a single file?

How do people manage their development flow, especially if there are multiple developers involved? Apparently the best practice is for each dev to create small template components and then plug it in to the main application at the end?

Any help and advice is appreciated.




Look at Rick’s UpperPark Version Control. You can buy it on and there is a webinar on ClarionLive explaining how to use it.




Hello, Ryan

Welcome to Clarion. I think you will find the community of developer very helpful.
If you have a Skype account there are a few active Skype groups where you can ask questions and, of course, here at ClarionHub (the 'Hub :slight_smile: ).

Most Clarion developer works with APP files, which are binary files and do not work well with source control systems.
However, you can export Clarion APP files to a text format know as TXA (Text App).
What my solution does is integrate into the IDE so you can export and import your App files to text files. I break the APP into different files (.APV) for each module in the APP for better granularity. These are the files that are actually committed to source control. Since they are text you can do the normal source control functions like branching and merging.

I have done a lot of webinars on ClarionLive demonstrating and helping users.
You can get a good feel for the workflow by watching the ClarionLive webinar 375. I walk through the whole process of setting up the system.

Some other useful videos on ClarionLive:

Let me know if you have any questions.


Hello Rick,

Does your solution work with Clarion PE or only with the Enterprise Edition ?



Clarion PE is supported by my Addin.
There is no support for building from the command line for automated builds. That is because Clarion PE does not have the /ag switch on the ClarionCL utility. The /ag switch is the “generate App” option.
I have a couple of customer who use PE.


That’s good news,
Thanks Rick