Version control with C9/C10

Just wondering what type of VCS (version control) solutions people are using with Clarion these days. Personally I use Git (BitBucket) with all my web and other projects, and have been doing so with my Clarion projects as well.

I really loved the way that the old C5 (I think) did version control with SVN - being able to check in and check out individual procedures and modules to be worked on. It was fantastic for multiple developers working on the same project.

I don’t particularly like the way the current version exports the entire APP and DCT as APV and DCV files. Makes granular change tracking (which Git is terrific for) a bit tedious.

I wonder if anyone has any workflow patterns that work smoothly with Clarion?


Have you seen the addin by @Rick_UpperPark ?

(Rick, how about putting up some info in the addins category? Gosh, some tutorials could be nice or perhaps just some description and a few links to your product pages and some of the ClarionLive webinars? :slight_smile:


You need to check out Rick Martins tool for helping with git. I’ve been using it for a year or so, and it makes life a lot easier when working with source control. There was a Clarion Live webinar a couple of weeks ago by Rick, talking about his tool.

I hope this help.



Thanks for the heads up guys - Off to check out Upper Park’s VCI tool now…

We use Upper Park tool too. It works very well and Rick is a very helpful and friendly guy.
The few little problems we have are due to Clarion bugs.