Very Simple Clarion Dctx Parser

Very Simple Clarion Dctx Parser Featuring Capesoft’s xFiles


I put this little app together for a Clarion community member as one way of parsing a Dctx file.

I make no warranty, either expressed, or implied, that it is the best or correct way to parse a Dctx file. :slight_smile:

Feel free to download the files and modify as you see fit.

Thank you!

Clarion 11.0.13505
StringTheory 3.35
xFiles 3.21

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Thanks Don. This looks nice.

This is a side note really, just from my experience as I have done a lot of work de-serialising and serialising DCTX’s using .Net.

When writing DCTX parsers you should know that the IDE will only export what it needs to when exporting a dictionary to xml. This will mean if there are options you don’t use within the dictionary, non of these will show up in the xml that is generated. So you have to be careful about this in the queues/groups (or classes in .net) that you create.

If you really want to write a tool as a new style dct editor or manipulator firstly make sure you have a really good dictionary to export from. This should use as many of the possible options that are on offer within the dct editor, which is a lot.

Good info for sure.

This app was created in about 15 minutes early this morning to help out another programmer. He just needed a little help getting his head wrapped around xFiles.


Hi Don

Yes I understand and appreciate you helping others, it was not my intention to criticise, but just to pass information on.

Thank you for helping.


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