VoidTools Everything search tool with Clarion

Dear All
this question is for people who use voidtools everything application with clarion (by the way it is a marvelous search free utility and search results can be accessed from clarion easily).

my question is that when results are read, they are obtained from the main data, but there is another set which could be obtained from something called “File List” which contains a list of files saved from previous search operation and I failed to read this one from clarion.

I will be happy to explain more if required.

with lots of thanks

Mike Duglas’ Active Scripting addon PLUS his Windows Search addon is really cool. I don’t think it uses Everything, but you can do SQL-like queries, Maybe worth a look if you don’t get where https://github.com/mikeduglas/ActiveScripting

sure I will check it out. but regarding Everything aside from using clarion; it is an astonishing file search engine, I used with 3 connected external hard disks with more than 10 minion files, it tracks every change in files/folders instantly that I enjoy watching moving files from folder to folder.

thank you for your tip.

the link redirects me to a page which I downloaded one file [README.md], in that file there is a link " [Demo application]" which redirected to a page contains a file named “test.zip” , I downloaded it but my machine did not open it as it says it contains a virus.

just wanted to inform you.

thanks again.

I’ll let @Mike_Duglas respond to that.

I’ll let @Yandex.Disk respond to that.

Dear All,
any ideas about my original question?

thanks and regards.

I can’t understand what you’re asking, that is a long compound sentence with like 6 parts. Simplify and maybe post some screen captures

maybe you are talking about this?

it looks to be a csv file - if that is the case you could use the BASIC driver, or (my preference) something like StringTheory.

also see:


Sorry for the confusion, but I believe anyone uses Voidtools Everything will understand (at least this is what I thought).


Yes. but the efu file contains the file path with other numeric data which requires action. now what I do is loading the file list, read the extended information, export to csv and read it from clarion which is a long procedure. that’s why I asked this question.

thank you for your feedback.

sorry, like Carl I am not clear what you mean. Are you saying you cannot read the efu file directly? If so maybe attach a small example efu file and I can take a look at it to see what the problem might be. Reading a CSV file should be very fast and not a “long procedure”.

Or perhaps you mean you want to avoid creating the efu/csv file and instead process the data in memory directly?

it is ok. what I meant by long procedure is doing several steps and jumping between applications. anyhow I will prepare a clear description tonight.

thank you for your cooperation.