Web app for goods exchange

Hi, guys.

In past few days my country has been severely flooded. There’s a lot of people in needs of various things and on the other hand many people willing to help.

I’d like to make (rather quickly) a web portal for exchange of goods - you know, people posting what they have for donation and people posting what they need.

So the idea is to create a bunch of predefined items, grouped, subgrouped which are going to be available to select and create a single “advert” of what one has or needs.

I would treat these offers and requests as orders. One order can have multiple items from multiple groups. When a request order is being made, the app would automatically display items that are already available on the offers side if the same item has been selected as requested.

But the main question is what to use to develop this, UI has to be as simple as possible with good UX, especially on the mobile devices.
One options is a basic wordpress site and then try to find some extensions and probably do a lot of coding. I know some php and js but it would be a struggle.

I’d use nettalk server but I’ve used it mainly for web services so far. But if it would work, I’d like to use it because I can code much faster in Clarion.

What do you think?

Searching for “bartering website”, there are quite a few hits.

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Thanks, Jeff,

I couldn’t find any, I needed the word “bartering” :slight_smile:

Huge thanks


Cool. You’re most welcome. Would be interested in seeing what you end up with. :slight_smile:


That was very nice of you!

Just wanted to tell you that. It’s comforting to know there’s still folks that still care about people.