Web Application using H5 cannot find MyApp.js

I am new to using H5.
I looked at the videos explaining how to add the Web Application extension and deploy it.
In the video it shows I must copy a JS file (MyApp.js) to the AppBroker\Public folder.

The problem is, there is no JS file in my app folder.
The two html files are there, but no JS file.

Is there something I am missing?

I don’t use H5, But unless you’re on an old version of clarion, you might want to look at anyscreen instead.

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The .js file was necessary in the early days of H5 but isn’t necessary anymore. That’s why there isn’t a .js file. So the movie is a bit outdated.

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Thank you.
Is Anyscreen an additional module, or is is part of Clarion Enterprise edition?

I see buttons for Anyscreen, but I don’t seems to have the install for the Anyscreen server. And the information on the Softvelocity site is not clear as to whether this is included or not.

Anyscreen server requires an annual subscription of USD 800.-

You can create and test AnyScreen applications ‘locally’ using the Clarion 11 IDE
Just add the AnyScreen Global Extension to your Clarion (AKA Legacy) or ABC APP and recompile then ‘launch’ using the HTML5 button on the far right-hand-side of the menu…


Best to start with something simple like the shipping example Invoice Solution.

If you want to deploy AnyScreen apps to the Web then you’ll need an AnyScreen Server licence.
Currently $800 per year.

I do see the below mention in the 10.12258 Readme the APP .js was changed to be only if there’s Global Embed Javascript?

CHANGE: H5: The myapp_global.js file is only required if the user adds global javascript code in the embeds, all the static functions were moved to a new H5.js file in the assets folder

Hi Carl,

That info is also outdated.

Please read the thread in the C10 newsgroup:
"H5 and YourApp_Global.js?"
(dated 24-1-2018)

Response of Diego:
*"I answer that question multiple time already, yes, I know, we need to replace *
the video with one that is using the latest templates.
The global JS is not generated any more.
*All the JS used was moved to the H5.JS that is under the assets directory where *
is can be cached by the browsers.
Any global jS added into the app is generated into the pages.
*You can create you own or use 3rd party JS file included in each page or *
*individual pages, like H5 does with JQuery *
and other files.

To deplay an H5:
Add the template to the global extension (make sure that is the correct H5 template ())*
Generate and compile.
Copy your EXE and all the DLLs used + TPS or other files needed to the directory
Where your app is the name of your EXE

H5 is generating two HTML files, one called YOUR_APP_index.html
double click on it and from there open iopen your wap

The appbrokerManager will help you to check the correct intalation of the appbroker.

Diego Borojovich

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