Weird behavior with entering numbers when running

Hi guys,
Thanks for all the help so far - i have one more i can’t wrap my head around as i am trying to upgrade to 11. When i run the app … there is a strange behavior i can’t explain with some of the fields…
if you look at the bottom right field where cursor is… it won’t let me enter small numbers like 1.00 it immediately creates 8 digit number as soon as i start typing

2024-06-21 23_31_12-MART24_DS - USLUGE-Giocomm 065-563-519 FINAN

And this is the window in the designer:
2024-06-21 23_33_56-Clarion Clarion 11.0.13244 - C__ClarionDev_djoko24_djoko24

2024-06-21 23_34_39-Edit Picture
And this is the picture:

Can you guys even guess what am i missing here? why do some fields work and some don’t. I can’t anything in configuration that’s different between them.

Thanks once more!

Maybe try ticking the “Blank when zero” checkbox (or append B to the entry picture).

Might be the input method. Make sure it’s Insert, not overwrite


What we need to see is the window code for that one control so we can see the exact attributes i.e. ENYRY(@n8.2),AT(...

Make sure you do not have MASK

What is the datatype of the variable represented by that control?