What data is Clarion sending over the internet?

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What data is Clarion sending over the internet?

Reason I ask, is its got a firewall rule to send and receive in windows, and when I copied a template into the accessory folder, my internet traffic lit up like a blinking Xmas tree.

I have MS Windows Defender online options switched off, so automatic cloud submission is switched off and other options so MS should not be getting any thing, it should all be one way from MS, although their telemetry option is a backdoor for spying on users.

What data are you seeing? Do you have any addons? I think Brahn’s addon might access sites, but the name is escaping me.
Not sure if Clarion watches files copied into its folders. Maybe it’s something else?


No addons, all standard, it was the lights on the switch (sat on top of the desktop pc) I saw suddenly go mad when I copied a template from a virtual machine onto a win10 desktop and the machine just sat there with the blue circle for like minutes whilst the lights flickered aware like mad.

It might well be the Windows telemetry which cant be switched off, but I’ve just this minute gone back into Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Windows Defender Firewall\Allowed applications and the two entries for Clarion, are gone! Now I have to admit I did find it really odd to see them there in the first place and I was surprised, but now its gone! :roll_eyes:

It could also be tied in with all the other weirdness seen on this machine.

Do you have any cloud backup where changes to this folder are synchronised across the net? I use Google gdrive or Google backup but there are numerous different brands of backups that can be set up to copy changed or new files.

Local backups only, I tried to use the MS cloud backup OneDrive in the past but its not that quick when downloading files onto a new machine and it was terrible to use. It would have been quicker copying in what I needed onto a USB stick and use that to copy onto a machine.

I’ll have another look at the machine soon, its just MS keeps changing so much thats its a full time job keeping up to date with all the settings etc.