What does CreateFileMapping failed/error mean?

This is one I see coming up on the NewsGroups quite a lot as well as occasionally on the Skype Chats.
It has been mentioned at ClarionMag but I figure one more place cannot hurt!

From a more official reference, it was also mentioned by Bob Foreman in the NewsGroups:

FYI, this information is also in the latest help file.
In the Help Index, enter “CreateFileMapping error”


Bob Foreman
SoftVelocity Inc.

Clarion Win32 Troubleshooting

Q. When building (compiling) an application, I see a strange error as follows:
CreateFileMapping failed :EXP_PRI.ICOGetLastError
How can I resolve this?

A. As reported on our newsgroups by Oscar Davila, this is an intermittent error.

I meticulously went through all the processes that were running on my system until I identified the culprit. It was The ATI Catalyst Control Center (CCC.exe). Anyone who has an ATI Adapter may be running this service which will cause the error.

Removing this service will solve the intermittent build issue.

There are still issues with ccc.exe and latest C10 build? (12567)

I don’t if CCC.exe is still an issue, as I avoid ATI in the first place
That said, there is a menu pick in the IDE to stop the CCC.EXE process

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