What does LRM mean?

Do you ever see/hear a Clarion developer mention the LRM and wonder what on earth they are talking about?

Wonder no more, the ClarionHub is here to help! (or of course just ask them what on earth they are talking about and I am sure they will tell you :grin: )

LRM stands for Language Reference Manual.

This PDF file is distributed as part of the Clarion documentation. You should be able to find it in <cwroot>\docs\LanguageReference.pdf

I am not sure how this differs from the IDE help (F1 from within the IDE), perhaps someone else can elaborate on that?

The first page looks a little like this:

Forgot this even existed. Is it sad that Clarion is one of the only languages that I hardly ever refer to the manual for because I know (nearly) all the functions and their syntax?!? I am constantly referring to online manuals for Ruby, Javascript etc. but never Clarion.

It actually makes me think whether I am missing out on anything new that has come out that I don’t know about because I never read the documentation or help screens?!? Perhaps a short post or article on newer Clarion functions may be a good idea…

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I use the F1 help quite often still but I guess the code completion does away some some of the need for event that.

The F1 help actually has a list I think of some of the new features which I don’t think you will find in the PDFs.

Strangely it is hidden all the way at the bottom and probably off the screen for most:

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also… great idea!! :slight_smile:

Perhaps as a part of or maybe in addition to the Clarion 10 Subscription Feature Comparison - Professional vs Enterprise topic!

I reckon even if you only know of one difference, start a topic and people can add to it as they come past yeah?