What is QuietMode?

In %appdata%\SoftVelocity\Clarion\9.0\ClarionProperties.xml there is an option available called QuietMode. You will see it listed like this:

<CoreProperties.QuietMode value="True" />

The default is True and the alternative is False… right!

It seems that the IDE, if QuietMode=True, will treat certain exceptions as “non-critical” and therefore not show the exception to the end user but instead attempt to continue on as if nothing happened.

There are two know ways to change the QuietMode setting.

  1. Edit the ClarionProperties.xml
  2. Install the free IdeDebug Addin and toggle the quiet mode option!

With QuietMode turned off, I see a LOT of exceptions while coding in the editor.
I believe it has to do with code completion or folding, complaining when the code is temporarily in certain states (like missing END statements)

There used to be one with pressing comma within a comment or something but I can’t reproduce it in the latest C9.1

Do you have one that you can repeat? It would be a handy way to demonstrate and confirm that QuietMode is on or off.