What is the length measurement used by Clarion's Window?

Hello, I have been trying to develop a C# Application that can read Clarion’s Window code and make a C# Window with the same components and size. But i haven’t been able to determine what is the measurement used by the components and the window to determine their sizes, i have tried to make guesses but it’s not working out.

By default Clarion windows use DLU (Dialog Units).

If you set 0{PROP:Pixels} then you can get the measurements in pixels.

Jeff, prop:pixels is a run time command.
If i understand Fernado’s request, he is parsing CW source files to get the window structure and generate C# equivalents.

Exactly, i have been searching but i haven’t been able to find a way to convert DLU to pixels outside of clarion’s {PROP:Pixels}.

Are you unable to pre-process the source code with a Clarion app? Would be relatively simple to find WINDOW structures, get the font info, get the window size, apply that to a dummy window, convert to pixels, and write to a file.

Ok, I’m working on it, but i’m having problems with this {PROP:Pixels} what does it return? I tried to message it but it didn’t return anything

I read the HELP file, it worked just fine, thank you very much!

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