What is the URL for the SoftVelocity PTSS?

PTSS: Problem Tracker Support System

The PTSS, love it or hate it, is the place to go when reporting bugs to SoftVelocity.

Clarion 9 - http://problemtracker.softvelocity.com/clarion9
Clarion .NET - http://problemtracker.softvelocity.com/dotnetbeta

You can also make a bookmark to automatically log in like this:

http://problemtracker.softvelocity.com/[email protected]&Password=123456


http://problemtracker.softvelocity.com/[email protected]&Password=123456

Hint: The password is usually your serial number from Clarion 6 if you have one of those.

It was reported that the URL above with Login and Password isn’t working.

I’ve been using this URL for years (Login and Password have been changed…)

followed by
?Login=[email protected]&Password=888888

The above posted link does not work here.

Mark Goldberg posted another link, which works fine:

h t t p://problemtracker.softvelocity.com/AdminSrc.php?Login=[email protected]&Password=888888

Thanks guys. I have made the post a “wiki” so you can also edit it in the future. The original link also works if you have /clarion9.php instead of just /clarion9 but I have edited it to fix the first link and also include the alternate option!