What other ways are there to write templates beside handcode?

I seem to remember there was something in C5 or C55 that took an app file and converted it into a template? Am I remembering correctly and if so were there any help files to use it and where can I find that program or menu item in the IDE?

And are there any other addons that help us write out templates besides just using the code editor?


Before he retired and transferred his stuff to Capesoft, Phil Will had this. No idea of the status of this. https://web.archive.org/web/20100221013848/http://www.prodomus.com/PD%20Class%20Generator/PDClaGen.htm

It reads like its a template for writing classes that also writes out a template to make it quick and easy to add a class to an app and then set class properties and call class methods, but maybe I’m interpreting it wrong?

I know Capesoft wrote a template to making writing classes easier CapeSoft Object Writer.

I’m sure there was a wizatron thing for converting an app into a template but I cant find any reference to it.

Would it be possible to build a template that could write templates out using the appgen?

There was. I think it was called the template wizatron. It took all the embed code in an app, and moved it into a code or extension template. It was pretty primitive. C5 I guess. I don’t think it survived the SV aquisition, and was dropped with all the other wizatrons.

As I recall it was a program which worked by reading the TXA, or possibly the template read the TXA - either way it was TXA based not APP based.

I think you’re asking if templates can write templates? Since TPL and TPW files are text files, the answer is clearly yes.

Multi-proj for example already does this. For each dll you write it automatically writes a template for you to make using that dll trivial.

I thought the wizatrons got bought back in C7 or a later version but I cant find any mention of it in the C11 help docs.


So there wasnt anything that could use the window formatter to layout the #prompts on a template control and use the embeds to help code different types of templates ie #Application, #Extension, #Control etc?

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The “Template Wizatron” was renamed the “Template Writer” when they scrapped the rest of the wizatrons.

There was an article by Steve Parker in Clarion Magazine October 2000.

Template Writing Made Easier: The Template Wizatron
So you don’t care for the thought of tackling template writing on your own?
Happily, SoftVelocity’s Template Wizatron will do a lot of the grunt work for you.
(Oct 10,2000)

Thanks to Dave Harms who has given me permission to post relevant articles here.

cmag-2000-10.pdf (728.7 KB)

Also I found a comment from Carl Barnes dated Monday, June 04, 2001:

Template Writer Utility (TWriter.EXE) would be good for this type of
example. It takes existing code, extracts the embed code and writes
you a template frame work that is a good starting point. At least you
have all of the #AT’s in pretty good shape.

You will find TWriter.EXE in your BIN directory and the install should
have created a shortcut to it under the Tools folder.

The Template Writer Utility was shipped in C55 with the help broken.
You must START TW.HLP from within the C55Bin directory to view it.

In C5 this was know as the Template Wizatron (TW.EXE). It’s not
really a true Wizatron but does help use Wizatrons by helping you
make templates which you can then use in Wizatrons.

This basically sums it up, it takes a procedure with your embed code and builds only a procedure #Extension which can then be dropped onto other procedures in your app. So quite limited in its ability, but a starting point if you know zero about templates.