What's new in Clarion 10

Clarion 10 What’s New (as presented by Robert Zaunere in ClarionLive #300)

  • Language extension templates for sending eMails, emailing reports
  • HTTP
    • HTTPWebRequest
    • HTTPWebRequestToFile
  • QuickAppConnectClass
    • Connect to server
    • Send Message/Command
    • Send Shutdown Notification
    • Send Data Packet with confirmation
    • Server (Listen and Send)
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)
  • JSON
    • Huge step forward in completeness
    • Single line methods in the class
      • To convert data between JSON and Clarion Structures
  • Images
    • ImageToPNG
    • ImageRotateFlip
    • ImageSaveThumbNail
  • Dictionary Global Search and Replace
  • WorkingThreadManager Class
    • Have no UI
    • But will respond to events
    • Start/Pause/Restart/Cancel
  • Compiler
    • New scanner for CLW
    • Nested OMIT/Compile - still max 8
    • OS settings to detect type of characters to expect
  • Project System
    • #file copy srcfile destfile
  • Application Options
    • %File - same order as in Dictionary editor (or Alpha)
  • Lock Retries

Oh, looks like I bumped this topic up in the “Latest” list when I edited the formatting of the original. Please note the date of when this was first posted :slight_smile:

Has there been anything else new in C10 other than “H5” since then? :vulcan: