When will we see a C10 Final Version as posted by SV (without additional bugs)

When will we see a C10 Final Version as posted by SV (without additional bugs)

As per the Blog Entry by SV: “In addition, we are also preparing for a final C10 release”
Date: 14 June 2018

Will these PTSS’ses be fixed in the C10 Final Version?

  1. 42658 - Massive Memory leak in ODBC driver
  2. 42608 - EXPORT(%DictionaryFile) does not work (Was this even fixed in C11 “Gold”?)
  3. 42660 - SV PDF Driver is not generating an accurate pdf
  4. 42664 - Evaluate give wrong Errorcodes
  5. 42668 - SQLite after NEXT(View) returns BYTES(File) wrong as File Size, should be Record Size
  6. 42661 - Destruct of derived class not called upon DISPOSE of derived class reference
  7. 42638 - DUPLICATE() always fails with ODBC
  8. Etc.

Just to point out a few PTSS’ses.
I am sure there are 100’s that have also been outstanding for months and years and others that developers wants to see fixed.


Johan de Klerk

FWIW, #42661 is not a bug. I added a comment to the PTSS.

One of the biggest problems with the PTSS system is the lack of feedback.

There’s no ‘notifications’ like you get on GitHub or here - so unless the poster continually checks they’ll never know if there’s been additional comments or if SoftVelocity has asked for more data etc

If SoftVelocity had a GitHub site and we could raise issues there it would be much better IMHO