When you click on the error it takes you to the CLW and not the APP.?

Working on a clients C8:

When I compile and get errors - when you click on the error it takes you to the CLW and not the APP.?
This is annoying - how do I fix that?
I remember vaguely about a setting in Tools/Options but I cannot find it!

This is what somebody else said - but what about a simple setting in Tools/Options?
"Errors open in Module Source instead of Embeditor Source
It happened to me often that when i click on a error in the Error Pane, the error will be highlighted in a generated source file view (eg. MyProject001.clw). Meanwhile other users are directed towards the Application Procedure’s Embeditor (MyProject.app).
In the last case you can fix the error directly and compile to fix the generated source!

Now i found (a) cause of this behavior while i was working on a new Clarion 9.1.11529 installation. I was annoyed that the Dictionary editor did not show the prefixes, derived fields and other properties in the lists. Of course i checked the boxed and went on with my work only to later find that i could not fix error easily anymore…

…After realizing that the only real thing i had done to the IDE was restarting and increasing visible information…

After going into Tools -> Reset IDE Settings to clean the ClarionProperties.xml settings, go and behold i had the intended functionality back.

Just going into the settings does not trigger this.
Going into the setting and checking both, for example: Options -> Clarion -> Dictionary Editor Options -> Table Options -> Display Table Driver and Display Table Prefix, broke going from Error to Embeditor.

Currently i am fighting the urge to change the settings, to show more Dictionary information!

The setting to control whether to edit errors in the .CLW or the App Embeditor is not in Tools -> Options, but in Tools -> Application Options. On the first tab near the bottom. Uncheck “Edit embedded source errors in generated code”


Hallelujah - thank you!

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