Where are the best Training Materials for Clarion Learning - Tutorials

I just purchased version 11, upgrade from 5.5 I have not used in years due to it not being compatible with win7 +. I started using clarion back in the dos days which led to my first programming job with a major corporation, and of course back in the 90’s it was IBM/SQL/AS400 environment and soon I didn’t have time to focus on Clarion. I did, on that job, interface Object Oriented programming, using IBM tools, with the AS/400 using SQL to create the data files. Anyway, enough of that.

I am still currently in the IT business but the role changed over the years, nearing retirement and would like to get refreshed and proficient again in Clarion. Upon googling for training videos and materials, I am finding it difficult to find. I have had not problem converting some of my 5.5 app’s and modifying but I still need a solid refresher on the basics and how to implement some of the new features.

With that said any direction or help would be appreciated on getting me off ot a good start.


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I use Clarion 11 everyday and really like it. I also waited a long time then moved from 5 to 9. You cannot click as fast (click ahead) as 5.5 or it can hang, so suggest you slow down… click on a button…wait for it to happen … now click the next thing. It will become natural.

Everything in 5.5 is in C11 but it can be in different places, or you take a different path to get there. Like the Actions button or link has a lot under it.

In the Clarion Help on both the Index and Search tabs try “What’s” and “New”, there are several topics: “What’s new in Clarion 9.1” “What’s new in Clarion 10” “New in Clarion 11” “New in Clarion 8”

This morning I cannot think of any specific training materials. IIRC when I upgraded SV threw in some training materials (video and books) done by Bob Foreman. Those would have been on C8. IMO still close enough to help. The IDE general structure has not changed that much since C8.

I think watching a video of someone experienced use the IDE can help so suggest watching some videos on ClarionLive.com. Maybe start with some from the C8 era like 2011-2013. I took a quick look and saw the below…

#6 Bob Foreman And Bob Zaunere from SoftVelocity On Easing Into C7.0 Gold MAY 01,2009
#13 Bob Foreman and Bob Zaunere On Learning Clarion 7 - New Development JUN 19,2009

While on C7 give these a look. The description of them shows they cover every IDE component and Bob Foreman was the most excellent Help / Training person…

John, Lisa, Greg, Marty On C10 Setups- Part2 APR 10,2015
Last week, we started reviewing the settings in Clarion 10. It took a long time and we’re only half way there! This week we’ll finish up our tour of the new Clarion 10 IDE with all the new options!

John Arnold Lisa Greg Marty On C10 Setups APR 03,2015
Time to go through our settings! With Clarion 10 just around the corner, we decided it was a great time to go through all the options available in the IDE! There are so many though, we only got halfway through! Tune in next week for part 2!

#345 Soft Velocity On C10 IDE Stuff, Javascript, Active Image, And More JAN 29,2016

Expert Panel On Clarion Configuration- Part1 JAN 20,2017
It’s Configuration Day! This week, we’ve assembled an esteemed panel of experts, including Rick Martin, Greg Bailey, Mike Hanson, and Bruce Johnson to help us all get the most out of the Clarion IDE! We’ll be checking our Clarion 10 settings, looking at IDE layouts, exploring how to customize windows and themes, discover the mysteries of Clarion configuration files, and more!!! It’s all very exciting!!!

Expert Panel On Clarion Configuration- Part3 FEB 17,2017
Configuration Day part 3!!! More fun as we continue exploring the Clarion 10 IDE!! Tune up your environment, it’s Configuration Day!

#211 Bruce Johnson_ Converting C6 To C8 Application MAY 17,2013
#303 Mike Hanson On Multi DLL Project From Single EXE MAR 06,2015

Clarion Magazine covered the new IDE in many little articles that are useful. The author was mostly Dave Harms.



I’d also suggest you read the entire http://www.ClarionSharp.com blog.



Thanks for the advise and links, I will jump right in, Saturdays are my Clarion day until spring comes.

I appreciate the response, hopefully I can grasp this fairly quickly, at least to get back in the groove, I know there are still a lot of new things to learn as well.
and will be making the effort to get comfortable with it so I can focus more on DB design that will take some of the pain out of hand coding.


This blog has 3 posts on getting started with C11. It has lots of great screen shots of the IDE


Thanks for your response, I will follow the link