Where do I go to purchase templates for Clarion?

Most vendors of Clarion templates will sell them directly from their own website but there are a couple of places that you can go to buy a variety.



Interestingly, neither site has an “about us” description but if you ask around I am sure others will help you out if there are any troubles and they do have contact information so if you have any concerns do get in touch with the site owners before making any purchases!

Are there any other go-to places for Clarion templates that you know of?

Interestingly, neither site has an “about us” description

ClarionShop is owned and run by CapeSoft. It was born in 1999 as a result of the shuttering of the Topspeed Accessories Program as we needed a generic place to sell our accessories and we wanted to have a place where other refugees from the TAP could go.

We process thousands of accessory sales every year, and we’ve been running for 17 years now, so I think is generally accepted as an efficient, safe, way to purchase Clarion accessories.

While most suppliers offer refund periods (which ClarionShop then can apply on request) some suppliers do not allow refunds. So please investigate offerings and suppliers carefully before purchasing.

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OK late reply but here goes :grin:

I’ve been writing Clarion addons since 1990 when I brought out my first LEM for CPD 2.1

Current stuff available:

*** IMPEX data exchange templates
*** LogFlash activity logging templates
*** CopyFlash - GrandChild Copying
*** RemFlash reminders - reminders/ticklers
*** SearchFlash - 3 searching templates in one
*** VCRFlash - VCR buttons on a Form
*** BackFlash - Has There Been A System Crash? Get Your Data Back In A Flash!

Plus an Expert System app coming soon.


Details & demos at https://www.sterlingdata.com