Where does cladb.exe store its window position information?

In an INI file somewhere right?

Hmm… actually, it seems not.

In fact, it looks like cladb.exe is a “stub” .NET program that calls D32$StartDebugger from cladbrun.dll

Anyway, somewhere in all that the window position, and monitor is getting stored in the ClarionProperties.xml file.

You can find this in your ConfigDir which is typically under %appdata%\SoftVelocity\Clarion\10.0, look for the <Properties name="Debugger"> section and play around with the elements in <Array name="frame">.

I imagine that if you just delete the whole <Properties name="Debugger"> node it will be rebuild.

Back first? Have fun? :monkey:

Seems cladb writes into ClarionProperties.xml, but doesn’t read from it. I always change font settings (Custom font, Courier New 12) and cladb uses these settings during current session, and stores new values into ClarionProperties.xml, but next run again resets to defaults.

Oh yes, I see! How annoying.

A quick go of Procmon shows that Cladbx in Clarion6 uses the registry for this. Specifically HKCU\Software\SoftVelocity\C60DBX\2.1.00

Has anyone reported to SV?

Has anyone reported to SV?
Not me.