Where is APP's selected "Sort Tree by" / "Tree Mode" stored?

When you open an app up it remembers what mode your viewed the procedures in. Where is this stored?
I need to reset to be in anything but “Sort Tree by procedure” I have an app too big/complicated to open in that view and the IDE GPFs


I would start in

Make a change to an app file and see which file’s time stamp has changed.

I hope it helps.

The last used view mode is stored in the APP.

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i did not see it in the TXA - it is a large app that I am importing and it always hangs in procedure call order so i stay in last modified. I was finally able to get around it by creating a blank app - setting the tree mode and then importing the TXA – very hard work around.

TXA is not a text copy of APP. It is to rebuild the APP if APP has become broken or to make some mass changes, for example, in WINDOWs’ declarations. TXA does not contain all the information stored in APP.


It would be nice if it did!

Thanks also for sharing your knowledge and wisdom as always.

Unlikely, APP contains far more information than TXA. It is a database with numerous links between different parts. These links a reconstructing during TXA loading with involving information from the registry and the dictionary. If to dump all this information from APP to TXA, huge amount of work is required

  • if the application must be loaded in some previous CW version
  • if the APP must be created from TXA after changing the dictionary
  • etc.
    If to say about saved view mode of the main APP dialog, on the one side is breaking of the backward compatibility of the TXA format and on the other side two moves and two clicks of the mouse. In my opinion, the game is not worth the candle.

I haven’t seen that phrase before so looked it up …

This phrase relates to occupations, games etc. that were thought so lacking in merit that it wasn’t worth the expense of burning a candle to create enough light to partake in them. Candles were as significant a drain on household expenses as is the electricity bill today.

I had posted previously that changing the App Tree Mode using the Toolbar (as shown in Kevin’s screen capture) is a quicker single click versus using the Tree Mode drop list on the the right.