Where to find #SYSTEM template prompts in modern Clarion IDE

A template chain can declare system wide template prompts to display information or allow the developer to make default settings for the template chain that are outside of any specific APP file.
In Clarion 6.x and earlier the #SYSTEM prompts were added as tabs in the Application Options menu. They are not displayed here in Clarion 7 and above.
Instead you need to edit the template registry to see these global template prompts.
Go to Tools -> Edit Template Registry.
Find the template chain you want and look for a #SYSTEM entry in the tree right beneath the template chain’s root node.

Select the #SYSTEM line and press the Properties button on the right hand side.
This opens the template dialog and lets you change any fields.

It is unclear where the values for the prompts are saved but they are persisted.

Hi Rick,

Thanks for that! Does it no longer show in the Application Options as pr. the help on #SYSTEM: “Any #PROMPT statements in a #SYSTEM section appear on the Application Options dialog, once the Template Registry has been loaded (opened an .APP file).”

I only have one template that uses #SYSTEM and I don’t have it available here right now.

Best regards,

Hi Arnor,
No, they no longer show in the Application Options dialog.