Which Clarion Version to use for Production with MSSQL


I have been away from Clarion for about 4 years. I was just wondering which version of Clarion you are using for your production system. This will be for a Windows application that uses an MSSQL database. I am using third-party templates from CapeSoft, IngaSoft, Icetips and a few smaller ones.



Latest release - v11.1.13845
If you have a choice, I do not believe there is any reason to not be current.

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Stay away from Clarion v11.1.13845. It’s a recent release and it has too many bugs to be considered for live production applications. It’s basically, not useable. Use Clarion v11.1.13815 instead.

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Surprised to hear. I haven’t yet hit anything serious in v13845 that was not in v13815.

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Actually it fixes a few bugs for me. I’m using it in production now.
Haven’t had any problems as yet.

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What problems have you had in v11.1.13845 Ken?

Use Clarion v11.1.13815 instead.

I thought there were memory leaks in 13815 that were fixed in 13845?

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Im aware of 2 issues

  1. libmaker doesnt run. (I just run an old one)

  2. the “driver options” button in the dict editor crashes the ide. (Thats serious but doesnt impa t running programs)

If there are other issues, feel free to chip in.