Window Designer Alignment Toolbar versus Right-Click Popup

During a recent Friday Clarion Live someone (aka “Individual 1”) was not familiar with the Alignment Toolbar at the top of the Designer window. Instead they always Right-Clicked on the control and used the Popup menu Format> sub menus.

I prefer the Toolbar as it seems faster to mouse to one button versus working through the sub menus Also I fear the initial right click on the control might nudge its position (i.e. move).

I made the below diagram to show how they relate. They all have tool tips and are logically grouped so are easy to learn without this diagram.

For Horizonal Spacing and Vertical Spacing the toolbar only offers “Make Equal” while the Popup offers 3 more: Increase, Decrease, Remove.

Below an example of Designer showing the Toolbar and using the Popup Menu. IMO the menu requires a more mouse work with Right-Click then hover “Format … Horizontal … Make Equal” versus just mouse move to and click on the Yellow button in the toolbar.


Often I’ll do 2 or 3 operations, e.g. in this case I might also Make Same Size and Align Tops of the buttons. With the Toolbar my mouse is already up at the top and it is just 2 more buttons to find and click. With the Popup the extra 2 operations repeat the Right-Click and navigate 3 deep menus.


Excellent! – I wish I had “free” time to do things like this - LOLz
(I know you are a VERY VERY busy man Carl!)
I always read all you post anywhere they show up because there is always some jewel of knowledge that can be found! - THANK YOU!

Oh Yes, I agree with you, the toolbar is MUCH faster and more intuitive.

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