Window Designer error: Window width/height exceeds screen resolution

I am having an issue with the Clarion 11 IDE and the Window Designer. I have several windows that are large scrollable windows (scroll in frame). When we try and edit these windows using the designer, it will not display the entire window in the designer and will not allow me to drag the bottom of the window down to expose the controls on the bottom of the window. If I try to change the window height in code I get the following error:


My PC resolution is 1920 x 1080 and my window height is like 600 DLU.

I am currently using Clarion 11.0.13401 which I know is a little behind. Does anyone know if this bug has been fixed or if there is some workaround for this? If it has been fixed, can you tell me what patch version I need to get to allow us to edit these windows?

I just tried this and it seems to work (tested in 11.0.13244)

Define the windows size so that it fits on your monitor

Then set the Design AutoScroll attribute on the window

Then for a given control, set it’s X,Y,Width,Height so that it’s beyond the size of the window. You might also want to set the scroll attribute on this control ( but I didn’t need to at design time).

Observe that there are now scrollbars on your window in the designer
and you can scroll to see any controls that are outside the normal window dimensions.

@MarkGoldberg This is the solution I was trying I will continue down this path and see where it leads. For some reason it just keeps fighting me on the window heighth I need 520 and it won’t let it go larger than 408

FormWindow WINDOW('Form Name'),AT(,,372,408), |
             FONT('Microsoft Sans Serif',12),CENTER,GRAY,MDI,SYSTEM

I often find it’s simpler to make changes to the source code for the window structure
vs. using the graphic window formatter. This is possible even in APPs,

To get to the structure press the ‘…’ button to the right of the Window Button

This takes you to the “Structure Editor”

Hello Christine -

I was able to open the structure with a 600 height after I changed the font size from 12 to 10.

Change your screen resolution in Windows - Microsoft Support

Your graphics card might also support a virtual desktop bigger than the monitor’s best display resolution, but it involves panning around the screen which might not be ideal.
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