Windows 11 and Clarion exe

I’m a bit worried that whilst the FAQ around the launch of Windows 11 mention a lot about hardware compatibility, no mention is made of software compatibility.

Do we have any re-assurance yet that Clarion generated EXE’s will be ok?

I’d be ok if we just had to be on C11, and maybe a re-compile… just wondering…

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If there was anything to worry about with software compatibility it would have been mentioned. Therefore there are no issues :slight_smile:

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Hi Bill,

Microsoft has excellent backward compatibility, and still runs programs from the 90’s, so I’ve no reasons to suspect that Clarion programs won’t run. I can’t imagine that they’ve decided to somehow break existing win32 apps and expect the market to respond well.

That said, IE (which was deprecated some time ago) will apparently not be included. I can only assume this means the IE control will no longer be there either. This would mean that programs using the File Explorer IE control (or anything else that uses the IE control) would lose that functionality.

The replacement to use is Chrome Explorer ( - which has been out for some time now. This replaces the IE control with a Chromium control, and you distribute that, so there’s no dependence on anything in the OS.



Hi BillBarker,

I am a developer that is on the Windows 11 insider program. I have Windows 11 installed and I have been using it for a few weeks. I work in a few languages including Clarion 10. I have tried several of my Clarion 10 .exes on Windows 11 and they work fine - just as expected. In fact, I have tried several software packages on Win 11 and everything has worked so far.

NOW, your mileage may vary. I have tested exes created with Clarion 10 using tps files. I do have programs that also use the TopSpeed OBDC product but I have not tried them yet. I also have not installed the Clarion development environment under Win 11. So there are things I have not tested.

BUT as far as I have tested so far, there no issues running Clarion programs on Win 11.



Thanks all, I guess I was maybe just being a little paranoid… LOTS of mentions about hardware compatibility but NOTHING about software… just set some bells ringing :slight_smile: